What exactly does the translation tool do?

Oct 10, 2017

I'm working on a course that will need to be translated into several languages. The course is designed so that the first screen will allow the user to select their preferred language, which will direct them to the set of slides for their language, all contained within one course. This is a very short compliance course, so we preferred this method over creating individual courses in each necessary language.

Can I still use the translation tool built into Storyline2 to achieve this? Looking at the documentation, I'm unclear what the tool will actually do when the translation file is imported. Does it create a copy of the course in the new language? Or would it allow me to create duplicate slides within the same course using the language import file?

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Knut Jackowski
The translation tool will replace all translated text with the translation, so it is not really built for the scenario you describe.
What it does is this: you can export the translation file, give it to a translator, recieve it back and with that have all the text from one course translated, ready to import, instead of changing every little bit of text on the different slides.This is a great help, but for your scenario you would need the additional step of creating copies from this course for the each language and after importing the translations, copying the scenes into the final course.

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