What exactly is being tracked?

Feb 01, 2016


We have constructed a course and published it as a TinCan package to TalentLMS. In this course most slides have different names than the menu displays, and this was done for more focused tracking via Tincan (userX experienced This slide as opposed to That one(which shares the name with some others).

But after going through my tincan timeline It shows names that aren't on the menu display or function as current slide names (for example, a pre-quiz slide is called "Quiz" on the player menu, its actual name is "Kick Quiz", but it shows up on the timeline as "QUIZ" (all caps) (different slides do not show up in all caps)

My current workaround is exhausting; I'm creating boolean variables and setting them to "True" when that slide's timeline starts, and then executing some javascript to track a new activity with that slide's name" when that variable changes.

Any input on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Erez!

Tin Can API lets an activity be defined in a statement or in the tincan.xml file. Until Update 5 for Articulate Storyline 2 was released, we defined all activities in the tincan.xml file and relied on LMSs to cross-reference learners' responses with the tincan.xml file to understand the reported activities.

With the release of Update 5 for Storyline, we began using Tin Can API statements with friendly, readable IDs. To take advantage of the new features and fixes, install the latest version from this link, then republish your course.

You can find more technical information to help LMS developers implement Tin Can API for Articulate content here.

Erez Goren

Hello Leslie,

Thanks for your response. I have been running the latest update and my tincan.xml is populated by the current slide names. The problem is that It also contains about 9 activities  with the same name & description (just the name of the course). What I can't see in the .xml is the actual activity names being tracked on my LMS. I gave the "QUIZ =/= Kick Quiz" example on my previous post. Is there anything that can/needs to be done to solve this?

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