What exactly is tracked (tracking slides)?

Hi there,

I'm working with Storyline but with an external LMS so can't check things out myself. So I'm wondering what exactly is tracked?

So far I know that layers aren't tracked but lightboxed slides are.

But are slides tracked that don't appear in the menu?

Are scenes tracked that don't appear in the menu? (e.g. I have a separate scene for voluntary self-checks and a separate scene for a help slide).

So if the customer would like the learners to view all the slides, would I need to take the total number minus all the voluntary self-check slides minus the help slide and perhaps the end slide? Then I would need to tell the customer that the learners might be looking at slides not so important to him and still achieving the "completed" status but should have looked at most of the content he demands.

Is that right????


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Harri C

Hi Kim,

If you're dealing with slides viewed you don't have to worry about whether those slides are in the menu or not as it tracks whether the timeline on a slide starts. You are right in what you say about layers not being included in tracking but lightboxes are - and that's because a lightbox is a separate slide.

Also, tracking by slides viewed is probably not the best option if you have a lot of optional/self check content as, you're correct, a learner could achieve the required number of slides without viewing critical content if they've viewed enough 'additional content'.

Have you considered tracking via results? Even if you do not have a quiz this is achievable by 'tricking' Storyline.

You can essentially make a review slide look like anything you like - even just like a content slide and set it to call upon an activity/interaction slide as the 'quiz'.

Hope this helps


Kim Alison

Hi Harri,

That sounds like an incredibly clever idea!

But I just can't get it to work. I've converted vital content slides to a drag and drop interaction. In the drag and drop I've not ticked anything (so nothing needs to be done) and set it to "unlimited attempts. I've also taken out the submit button. Then I've put in a graded results slide. But that doesn't work. I'm missing the link somewhere. Can you help me again?


Simon Perkins

You can use JavaScript to send a particular status and/or score (as attached) to an LMS.  

These methods give you far more flexibility in how you track learner progress, thus enabling you to "create" completions/scores based on specific learning paths etc.  Sometimes you'll need to implement a few variables or similar in order to track what's happening within the course so as to push the correct status and/or score.