What happened to the "browser-related" video controls in Storyline 3?

Hey guys, 

I've got a question concerning Storyline's standard video controls, that can be shown below the video. Once you published a course with these controls in Storyline 2, the controls' design changed to "nice", for example if you look at the course in Chrome (see screenshot 1). 

If I publish the same course with Storyline 3, the look of the video controls does not change in HTML 5 output, see screenshot 2. 

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I might have forgotten to adjust a setting. 

If not: Why the hell are you guys going back three steps with regards to this old-fashioned design of the video controls? You are doing so much good progress with the development of STL 3 + 360, but these controls are simply not up-to-date. 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rene,

How did you insert these videos? I'm seeing the same video controls in Storyline 2 and Storyline 3 (the version you don't like in your images) with a video I inserted from my desktop. Could you perhaps share your .story file from SL2 and we can take a look, and see what happens when it's upgraded to Storyline 3?

René Müller

Hello Ankit and Ashley, 

thanks for your answers. I inserted the videos into the course via "Insert Video"; the files are on my desktop. Please have a look at the attached screenshot to see which settings I chose for the video. 

@Ashley: I would love to share my files with you, but I need to do this "directly" to you, since these files contain sensible video data which I cannot publish for the entire community. What's  the best way to send you these files? 

In the files that I'll send you, I have now embedded two videos (both .mp4). File 1 is STl 2, file 2 STL 3.