What happened to wipe animations (particulary on lines)?


I've noticed thay many of my wipe animations are working at least bad. I often use them on lines, and instead of nice, proper, smooth wipe I have like instant show of half line, and another half line animates line on being on speed. Or sometimes line just doesn't animate, just instant-show after animation time.

That happens on previewed material inside storyline and also on published material on Chrome, Brave and Firefox browser.

Rectangles and pictures are a little better, but sometimes animation also is tearing. 

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Lucas Hackett

Hi - I've run into the same issue. Here's a test STORY file. Both inside Storyline 360 and in the published HTML5 version, the solid lines animate properly, but the dashed lines and the lines with arrows at the end do not. This seems to be a recent issue. I am currently on v3.46.23620.0.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Lucas!

I appreciate you taking the time to create a sample slide. 

We have an open issue in Storyline 360 where the wipe animation does not animate when applied to lines with dashes and arrows.

I'll surface your experience in our internal report to notify this discussion of any changes in this bug's status! Thank you for bearing with us.