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Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me with this question since I seem to be missing something (probably something simple)... Here's my situation: I have a a slide which acts as sort of a mini-menu. It consists of a base slide layer with an additional six layers. There are six objects on the slide, each leading to it's own layer. I want the user to have to click on all the objects before proceeding. The user can click on any object from any layer. I'd like the user to be able to click on the objects in any order they choose and then proceed to the next slide from whatever layer they happen to end on. I've created a visited state for each object (which will look the same to the user once visited.) Setting up 'jump to next slide' visited conditions for every object on each layer would be quite cumbersome though, so is there a better way to do this?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi ETam,

Yes, as M. Bosscher says, you can use the visited state, but you need set it individually on each object. You can simply modify the Jump to next slide trigger to only work if the state of all your shapes = visited. Here's an example with only 3 shapes, but I think you'll get the idea. Would this work for you?

Phil Mayor

The initial description say six buttons which show six layers so in effect you need six conditions.  As the Next button is a Player trigger and not layer dependant you only need one trigger with six conditions.

If you need objects on the layers to be visited as well then you start to get in a complicated place where it may be possible for a user to miss something and get stuck.  Sounds complicated and may be worth revisting the initial design.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Phil and eTam,

Yes, my understanding (or misunderstanding from the original post was simply

  • 6 objects on the base layer
  • each object includes a visited state (easy enough to create on one object, format paint onto others)
  • Objects accessible on all layers
  • Objects clickable in any order
  • Once all 6 objects are clicked, Learner can advance

And in that case, you need not set triggers individually on each layer (I left out the word NOT above ;)), but just that one trigger as the screen shot shows.

I didn't "get" from that description that there are also additional objects on the other layers that must be visited.

Tx, Phil, for jumping in!

eTam Miller

Hi Rebecca- You're understanding it perfectly so thank you for that. The clickable objects are the same on each layer; there are no additional objects to click on. The difference in each layer consists of a popup that describes each object. I tried and tested the method you suggested before I posted the question, and again after your post, but it isn't working. I think the problem is that the user will exit the slide from a different layer than what they started on, depending on which object they click on. I'm not sure how a trigger on the base layer would be effective if the last object the user clicks on, is clicked from a different layer than the base layer. The objects are the same, but the interaction is happening on a different layer than the base layer in the end. I might have to get rid of the layers and just use states instead.

Phil Mayor

Rebecca has it right sounds like this is designed wrong, player triggers are irrespective of layers all six buttons should be on the base layer, pressing the button (r object) shows a layer, so all six objects need a visited state, then the condition on the next trigger stop the slide progressing.