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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nilesh,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to create within your project.

You can use these fields as you can any variable reference.

If you're curious about the difference, I thought I'd share an image of the same slide listed as Untitled in the project, but re-named in the Menu:

Nilesh Bagul

Thank you so much Leslie for your response, Image shared is helpful.

But I wonder how we can use these variable in creating customized list menu.

For example: what if I have multiple buttons using same "Project.SlideTitle" variable on a single slide layer and I wand each button should pull value from respective slides where I want them to jump. 

Can this be possible? I guess we might need to use combination of variable and not only one of them.

All I want to do how the best way we can use Built In variables with in the Storyline.