What is supported in the Master slide

After using Storyline for 5 months, which has been awesome, I am finally getting to build a real template for the next project, rather than doing everything on the fly :). I am really struggling with what role the master slides should play, specifically when it comes to triggers and content. Seems like some things are supported but others not. For instance controlling the state of buttons that are in the master slide with variables on the slide level does not appear to work. So if you want to control button states you should not build them in the master slide apparently. Anyways, looking for maybe a list of what is supported in the master slide or best practices. Seems like the best thing to do is keep it to static content in the master slide, basic things like background images etc... ?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Curtis!

In general, slide masters are used to control the default themes, colors, fonts, text, and objects for slides throughout your course. Like you mentioned, they're a huge time-saver for static content, like background images, that will be used on multiple slides.

Although we don't have an official list of best practices for slide masters, I'd invite the community to share their tips with you. 

Also, can you tell us a little more about your need to change the state of a button on a slide master? This might be possible with a variable and a "timeline start" trigger, depending on what you're looking to do.