What is the best way to build audio toggles between hotspots?

Oct 10, 2019


I have the following situation:

User needs to click on 4 hotspots - each displays a different text box with information and audio. I haven't recorded the audio yet - still trying to figure out if audio is even doable for this situation. My last resort is to just record one track "click though the various options to learn more," but that seems like a cop out. 

So each hotspot the user clicks will display/play different text and a different audio track. The problem with layers is that user can't click back and forth in the order they want without the seekbar going back to start. 

Currently, the 4 text boxes are represented by 4 different states on one slide. It would be great if you could just insert audio into states :)

Any ideas?


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Jerry Beaucaire

I often put all my objects on the base layer, then all the audio is on layers that play based on the clicking happening on the base layer.  Works well if the audio is short in each snippet.  If it's longer, I'd think you'd want "something" to happen onscreen as well.

For a longer instruction, I would put all of the clickable buttons on the base in the top section, then each clickable activated a layer with objects that appeared in the lower half along with the layer's narration.  When a layer timeline completes, the layer closes and the base "button" takes on a visited look.   Pretty intuitive for the user.

I've done something similar with picture clickables down each side of the base layer, information about the clicked object appears in the middle with the layered audio/pics.


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