what is the best way to set up a complex course that will be scorm compliant

Sep 06, 2015

I am designing a course in articulate storyline 2 that I wanted to map out by using scenes all in one project. The course is for staff, team leaders and management with a foundation module for all users. I thought I could use a scene for each of the above so that the entire course would be neatly mapped out in 1 project. Then I read that to be scorm compliant (which I need it to be), you can only have 1 quiz per project?? Am I understanding this correctly?

i can't picture a way of building this course with numerous different projects that you can't see all together. Is there a way to build courses that;

- makes them scorm compliant

- allows you to see the entire course as various scenes within one project

OR how should I structure the course to achieve this?

I am sure I am misunderstanding something as I have seen courses built in articulate storyline that had multiple scenes with multiple branches and essentially mapped out the entire course in 1 project but maybe they didn't need to be scorm compliant?

I d appreciate help with this as I have searched the forums for answers on this but have not found an answer for this.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Claire,

You can have more than one quiz, and multiple results slides/scenes, etc. but you can only use one tracking method - so either one results slides or tracking by total number of slides seen. If you need to use more than one SCO, you may want to review the options here as it's not something we support. 

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