What is the current setup now that "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" option is removed?

With the "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" option removed, does anyone know what Storyline does by default now? 

Is it still creating a cookie that somehow is only looked at if not on an LMS? And vice versa?

I'm about to begin working with a client who warned me of an issue I should look into where multiple people, by necessity, need to use the same computer to access training.  They have their own separate login to their LMS.

Even when logging in, when someone launches a course, it sees where someone previously left off and asks if they want to resume from there, letting someone skip content if desired.

The fix has been to, on the honor system, require someone clear cache/cookies so the course would start over.

Without knowing how this currently functions without the Flash cookie option, I can't 100% say it's Storyline or the LMS....or both!


P.S. - I'm trying to find out what LMS it is based on.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bob!

I'm happy to help! I have a few troubleshooting questions to get us started!

  • Which version of Storyline are you using?
  • Which LMS are you seeing this behavior?

A good idea is to test how this is behaving for your courses in another industry standard such as SCORM Cloud, and compare that to what you're seeing in your LMS. If SCORM Cloud is still not allowing you to resume where you left off, we'll want to take a look at the file. You can either share it with us in this discussion or by using this private upload link.

Bob Mongiovi

Hi Lauren,

I am using Storyline 360, but the original files were built in Storyline 3, so I'm guessing not much difference?

I'm still waiting to hear what the LMS is, but I'm told it's most likely a custom made one, not based on an existing one.  

For now, I will look into creating a couple of sign-ins for ScormCloud and test on my own machine what happens when I switch login halfway through to see if it still sees the previous login's progress.


Vincent Scoma

Hi Bob,

Thank you for providing an update! 

The main differences between Storyline 360 and 3 is the different features/functions that Storyline 360 offers. When it comes to publishing, the two are similar. You can find more details about the two here:

In regards to the LMS, please keep us updating while you run through those tests. If you need our help or have any questions, please let us know! We are more than happy to help. 

Bob Mongiovi

Hi everyone,

I ran a test on ScormCloud, and as expected, bookmarking works fine on one machine with more than one login.

After some back and forth with our client, I have found that the "LMS" isn't technically an LMS.  It's a custom-built,...repository of sorts.  The way it marks complete is by launching a "redirect" URL at the end of the last slide, which has the word "Complete" in it that the "LMS" sees and knows to mark something as complete.  

So, at this point, it is on the client to update.  My question is though, where would they look to begin figuring out how to capture any type of reporting from Storyline? Not only for completion, but for bookmarking as well, and anything else that gets reported.  Not sure if anyone in the community has any advice or any links anywhere that speak to this if it is at all possible.  I'm guessing they aren't about to start over from the ground up with an actual LMS at this point, as they are pretty vested with what they currently have with a large amount of training already running.




I just now tried publishing for Web instead of LMS, and when launched locally, it bookmarks. I'm guessing this is what has been done in the past.  But regardless, figuring out how to capture when published to LMS is hopefully the next step.