What is the smallest logo size in Storyline?

Aug 08, 2013

What is the smallest dimensions of the logo space in the Storyline player. I want to insert a logo at a specific size so I plan to add "white space" around the logo itself in the file, but need to know the smallest size it can be without the Storyline player distorting it.

I see on the tutorial the largest dimensions (200x220) but it does not list the smallest dimensions.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz and welcome to Heroes! 

The smallest size you could put in would be 1x1 - but I'm not sure you would want to do it that small.  

Storyline will scale any logos that are bigger than the maximum to fit within the dimensions you indicated above. When you add a logo to your sidebar, Storyline will also include a border and slight shadow on it. If you want to change or remove either of these, you can customize their colors (or make them transparent) by modifying your player's color scheme

Liz Witham

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the response. I had a logo (let's say it was 30x10) and when I inserted it into a Storyline player, it resized it automatically to a larger size, making it pixelated. So, I was assuming Storyline forced the size to be a minimum specific dimension. So that is not the case? Can you confirm? Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz,

It will look pixelated in the preview that is show to you within the player template set up - but it should look normal when viewing the actual preview or published output. 30x10 is very small though, and to test it I played around with an Articulate logo. The first one is inserted at the original size of 160x120.

I then made the same logo as close to your size as I could with this logo (30x30 since it's a square) and you'll see that the quality remains the same and it just takes up less space in the player side bar. 

If you're logo is not behaving as you'd expect, we're happy to take a look. You can either share the logo file here with us or send it to us privately by submitting a Support case. 

Steven Churchill

Nit picky request on an old thread...

Which item in the "advanced color editing? menu (within player properties, colors & effects) do I need to modify to remove the border on the logo I inserted into the payer? Tried setting the shadow to white and the logo bg to white, but there is a small, (1pt?) border appearing around the logo.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

I actually ran across this recently - in another older thread.   Unfortunately when the background of your logo is the same color as the background of your player, it never totally disappears. At this point, I will have to suggest a feature request submission to fully remove it. You may also want to try a different file type, like a png instead of a jpeg or adding  a 1px transparent border around the image this would allow the border to disappear as well. 

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