What order to slide assets load? Or does it matter?

I am new to Storyline, and I am concerned about bandwidth and playback of slides with audio. Now that I can't use swfs to package my content.

When I created slides in flash, I created a swf with a pre-loader that would pre-load all assets prior to allowing the slide to play. This kept any animations in sync with the audio.

Now I have to publish to the Mobile iPad browser using HTML 5. I read the page concerning preloading and Storyline, but my question is... Will my audio files begin playing before all of the slide assets are loaded?? Which can cause desync. I am refering to ipads that have low bandwidth issues at the time of accessing the content...  I ask this, because with HTML 5 all of my assests are independent of each other unlike in the swf, where they are all packaged nicely into one swf.

I have not been able to test this, but I have seen the effects in other tools such as lectora or skillsoft's toolset.

On some low bandwidth connections, the audio (mp3) would begin playing, then the images would populate, then the audio would restart... and if any animations were included, then the whole thing could get out of sync.

By lowbandwith, I mean a connection around 300kbs with audio files ranging from 30kb to 1.5mb with1 audio file per slide.

Any thoughts??? 

I hope I am asking this correctly....

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Steve Flowers

The pre-loader in Flash works pretty well. I'm not sure how it's being handled in HTML5. However, this might be helpful to you if you're looking to pre-load all elements prior to beginning a module:


The pre-loader appears to work with both Flash and the HTML5 packaged output.