What published file should I link to.

I have published multiple Storyline files out for use on CD. 

My project involves creating a PDF menu that links to the multiple training files.  When linking to the "story.html" file, it works well on a PC that utilizes a web browser, such as IE or Foxfire - however, it does not work well on a Microsoft Surface that utilizes a VLC Media Player. 

The VLC Media Player, on the Microsoft Surface, seems to like the "Launch_Story.exe" file, however the PC with IE does not like that file.

What file should link to, from my menu, that will work in both cases?  Any Ideas?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Beth,

I'm not sure about the PDF menu that you've set up - as that sounds like a more custom set up, so I'd have to defer to the community on that. I did want to share that the Launch_story.exe file is the one that launch your course, so I would expect it to work on a PC when you've published for CD and it'll launch any files in a version of Internet explorer as detailed here. 

Christie Pollick