What resolution do you most work with?

Hello everyone,

After a long absence from the forum (I am only an occasional user), I am really enjoying the scene. I had forgotten how friendly and generous this community is.

I have found a way to get animated flash charts to work in HTML (no flash) within storyline. It is not a shortcut: the work is intricate and fiddly, but I am starting to get some good results on desktop and Android (I don't have an iPad but I will also do a demo for it that you can proof). To work on a few demos, I wondered if you could tell me what he most common resolution is in your work. The resulting charts are dependent on the placement, size and overall resolution of the project, so to avoid having to do too many versions (it currently takes a very long time to get to the final result), I want to pick the most commonly used res to start with. Would you post your favourite here?

I would also appreciate your assistance on two further points.

I remember seeing a lightbox example on this site many moons ago. I want to do one demo with an animated chart inside a lightbox. Could you please tell me what the best lightbox process is for Storyline? I will use it for the demo.

Finally, having trawled around the forums all day and read some Articulate docs, I am still confused about one thing. I have managed to get the animated charts to work as a web object with all HTML and scripts inside a single (though admittedly very large) HTML sheet. So everything is "local". I just have to load the HTML in a web object to make it work (no calls to external HTML or Javascript). What I am unsure of is whether I can effectively embed this single HTML page in such a way that the finished  does not have to load the single HTML sheet from my hard drive, but can instead be embedded within the project. I am not sure this is possible as per the Articulate docs and I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.


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