what's supposed to be the effect of "Complete course" trigger?

Hi all,

I recently learnd about this trigger and was going to use it. Yet nothing seems to happen, if I set it as the last trigger. In that case I prefere the "Exit course" trigger, since - at least - it closes the elearning.

So what's supposed to be the effekt of that trigger? Or doesn't it work properly with me?

Thx for hints and regards

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Roland 

if in your publish setting you have set the course completion to use the 'course complete' trigger, 

and on your exit button you have the following triggers

you won't see anything happen in the SL course but it should track a completed status in the LMS. Is this not happening for you Roland?

Roland Straub

Hi Wendy

Another one of my regular SL guardian angels :-). How's it going?

Thanks for the quick reply and your screenshots. Silly me wasn't aware, that I might have to set both triggers, the "Complete course" and the "Exit course". I'll try that and it'll sure work.

Have a great day and best regards

Steve Hazelton

I can only speak for SL 360. I just add a trigger to the last slide to complete the course when the timeline starts on the slide. Then in Reporting and Tracking Options, select Tracking and you should see it there. Two screen shots attached.

This has been a lifesaver when creating branched courses that don't have a post test! No more having to figure out how many slides are viewed with the shortest track.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

What update of Storyline 360 are you using? You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline". Also, the latest is Storyline 360, build 3.21.17083.0.

You'll only find that option accessible in the LMS publish settings and if you've included a "Complete Course" trigger. You can see this noted in the tutorial on publishing for LMS here. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jahon!

You can have multiple completion triggers but Storyline will only pass one completion trigger.

We just released Storyline 360 Update 44 (Build 3.44.23192.0) and you'll see included in this update is the ability to add Multiple Completion Criteria! You can add other tracking methods to determine what will be passed to an LMS.