What's the best way to pull survey data from Articulate Storyline 2 course in CSOD?

We use Cornerstone OnDemand for our LMS. For our Open Enrollment information sessions, I have included at the end a single survey question built into the Articulate Course. I'm hosting on CSOD (SCORM 2004). The standard report I typically use (SCORM 2004 Course Progress Chart) to analyze quiz questions is not recognizing that a single survey question exists in this course.

What is the best way for me to extract the survey data out of the course once users complete it?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Nathan!  I'm not an expert on Cornerstone OnDemand, but I wanted to give some input from the Storyline side.

The quiz data sent from a Storyline to an LMS will include information about that question and how the learner answered it.  What is required is that the learner lands on a results slide that includes the survey question in its assessment, and folks frequently customize the results slide to make it look less results-y.  Some people hide it by having a trigger to jump to another slide at the start of the timeline, and those are all design preferences.

Hopefully somebody can be a bit more specific about the CSOD side!

Nathan Hatfield

Thanks Crystal.

I've got it set in Storyline with the default Survey results slide (I didn't tweak it) and I set it up to track based on that results slide - so as you alluded to, I think it's probably on the CSOD side but I was hopeful someone here has a hunch as to where to glean the data from.