What's the Most Helpful Book to Buy to Learn Storyline 2?

Hi, I have a group of folks that have never used an e-learning authoring tool before and they will all shortly get Storyline 2.  They won't be going to training--I'm expected to master the program and then teach them.

Any suggestions on the most helpful, non-intimidating Storyline 2 instructional book?  Sure would appreciate it!

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Videos are a better way to go in my opinion. I started using a manual (and I can't remember the name of it) but found it to be to much reading to do things that watching instructional videos allowed me to understand way faster! And there's a bunch of great ones that are on their you-tube page--> Articulate. And there's lots of other great tutorials others have made on You-tube that are very helpful.

So what I did was get an Add-on for Firefox called "You-tube Downloader" that allowed me to download the videos as MP4's. I organized them and put them on our server for my co-workers to train from. They were starting on the project in 1 week after they started and doing a spectacular job! But they did have prior experience with other tools, so you still may want to get a book to introduce then to really basic stuff if they're that new. But once they get the general feel of the interface, I'd say go the video route.


Matthew Guyan