What's the most quaint visual element you had to create for e-learning course?

Hi guys

I'm pretty sure a lot of designers have drawn/inserted to Storyline repeatable visual elements for e-learning like: laptops, mobile phones, binders, notepads, pencils, clipboards in many sizes and variations. They seem to be standard choice for presenting different information.

But there are situations when you have to create something unusual, strange, quaint, scary (you name it) – that’s what happened to me this week and I’m just curious what your experience is, so join me in creating a list.

I’ll start with…a body bag.

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Matthew Bibby

It could have been worse Tony... you could have had to create the contents of the bed pan! 

Health courses are full of challenging content. Not just graphic illustrations like Kelly mentioned, but also videos, photos and some very sensitive subject matters. I know I've worked on more than one course that has pushed a number of my buttons.

Jacob Selin

I worked for a while for a company in charge of the Swedish police force training.
We did not create their courses but we took care of their LMS and as part of the troubleshooting so sometimes we had to check out their materials and so on.
At this time was the course on sexual violence and sexual abuse against children and how to handle police to investigate such cases. I was warned before I would check course but was still upset by what I saw. 


Michael O.

I did a project years ago on Injection Drug Users (IDU). Images included microscope images of the ends of syringe needles that had been repeatedly re-used by IDUs.  There were mettle burrs with minuet torn pieces of human tissue.  These syringes are shared by IDUs and that is how infections are spread along with the blood that is drawn up into the syringe when the IDUs register a vain (very gross stuff).  Those mettle burrs are also what causes the track-marks that you might see with IDUs (in the movies, TV show and real life).  I did couple of projects with close-up images of mosquito drawing blood from human victim (she was an intern and volunteered). 

I also created a lesson on cutaneous bed sores.  The level four sores are down to the bone.  They are really horrific to look at; there is also a smell that exists that is unforgettable.