What's the problem with HTML5 on Firefox?

I notice on the system requirements page and also the  page the compares Flash and HTML that Firefox is not authorized by Articulate for use with Storyline HTML5 output. Only Chrome is. I'm curious what the problem is with Firefox (which my corporation prefers). Is this an Articulate problem or a Firefox problem? Should we expect Storyline HTML5 to be compatible with Firefox in the foreseeable future?

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John Black

We've always used Flash, Steve. I'm just curious about switching to HTML5. I was hoping someone from Articulate would provide some specifics about why Firefox is not authorized and what we should anticipate for the future. I'm encouraged to hear that you are not finding problems in the most recent release.

Steve Flowers

Ah. I can think of one thing that won't work in Firefox... Firefox doesn't handle MP4's as far as I know. This might be a serious problem if you're using video.


That said, you might be able to hack webm into the player but you'd need to do that post publish.