What's up with text?

Feb 06, 2013

Hello everyone! I don't know if anyone else had experienced this... but every time I build a quiz, save it, close and re-open again - the text decided to run into the infinite X direction (see the picture). Is there a fix for that? Thanks

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Irina,

That looks a bit strange, almost like the text is trying to make its escape!

You mentioned this happens when you reopen a course, just curious if this might be due to launching the file from an external source. Are your project files located on your hard drive?

A couple of other things you may want to check are the zoom (try to make sure the zoom is not set above or below 100%) and DPI. See this article for information on DPI. 

If you're still unable to tell a difference, can you share the project here so I can take a look? Another option is to submit the files to us directly, if you'd like to keep the file private. 

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