What's your Story Size?

"They" say size doesn't matter, but in the case of eLearning it does. At least when it comes to the iPad App.

If you want your Storyline course to fit nicely on an iPad (iOS), your Story Size needs a 4:3 ratio. This 4:3 ratio is the default in Storyline, which is 720 X 540.

Now, for me, 720 is too narrow; considering the minimum resolution being 1024X768 on the desktop. I'm losing (giving up) a lot of desktop real estate at 720 (just for the sake of the iPad).

I'd like to hear from others:

  1. Now that you can change your Story Size, are you? Or you find yourself working with the default?
  2. How important is it that your course fits snug on the iPad (iOS)? Do you consider this?
  3. Is the iPad even at all important in your course delivery?



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