What Storyline 2 files to send to a client who will load them in Litmos?

Hi Everyone,

I need some help--I'm new to Storyline 2 and know enough to be a danger to myself and others. :)

I have created a Storyline 2 project that I now want to send to one of my clients who will be loading it into their LMS--Litmos.  I don't have access to Litmos to load it myself and this will be the first time they are exposed to Storyline too.

What do I send to her?  The zip folder?  I saw the link that details how to load something into Litmos, but not what to send to someone who will load it.

Thank you,


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jodi -- Thanks so much for reaching out, and based on my understanding of what you are asking, all your client would need to do is upload the finished, zipped module, correct? If so, simply use these directions for Storyline 2: Publishing a Course for LMS, and after you reach the "Success!" screen, click on the "ZIP" button and save it to the folder of your choice on your desktop. From there, you would be able to share the zipped file with her using Dropbox or something similar. 

(NOTE: For Dropbox -- Place your published output in the Public folder in your Dropbox account to share it with others. Here's how to enable the Public folder.)

From that point, she would need to consult with Litmos for further instruction to upload on their platform. Hope that helps! 

Jodi Sansone

Hi Christie,

Thank you for the quick response. I believe that's what I did. I sent her
the file I zipped from "Publish to LMS" and I emailed it to her. The file
was only a one-page story so it was pretty small. This will be the first
time we are doing this together so I created a test to learn how to post.
Fingers crossed! :)



Christie Pollick

Sounds great, Jodi -- please feel free to stop back with an update when she is all set! 

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