What to do after downloading a template online?

Aug 28, 2015

Hey, new SL user. I downloaded the TicTacToe template the other day and now it's on my hard drive but I don't know how to open it in SL to begin modifying it. 

My other problem is with the Matching Drop-down quiz. I have my choices and their correct matches input on the form view but I am wondering how to change the drop down menu to have a couple of things to select from.



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Amanda Sabo

I posted this before I previewed my slide! So the drop down menu appears to have scrambled all of the answers I input on the form view, this is fine for the type of question I am asking but only the computer knows which of these answers is truly correct (it's a basic math question asking the user to select the place value of a highlighted number, so the matches are repeated). I need to fiddle some more with it I think.


Thanks for the open a new template link, I will spend some time with that as well! 

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