What type of PC / Operating System do you find that works well with Storyline?


My "IT Dept." and I are having a heck of a time trying to get Storyline 2 to work well with no glitches given the numerous videos I have embedded in the course.  The main slide is tied to various 'layers' that have anywhere from 2 - 3 videos (each)embedded so that I can instruct them on how to 'program, use, etc.' our various TV Remotes given the different Set-Top / DVR boxes our company offers our customers.  Length of videos are anywhere from 10 - 30 seconds.  I have used both '.mp4' and '.wmv' file types.

Any idea on 'what' or 'why' the videos will stop and give me an exclamation point (!) error.   Articulate Support has tried to assist our IT Staff however, it does not show an error when we look.  

Has anyone noticed that Storyline 2 cannot handle several video files transitioning within a layer?


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