What version of SL are you using? SL2 here!

I enjoy this forum very much for all the valuable information  and ideas that are exchanged.

At this point, however, I am sometimes frustrated when I download a project, to find it was built using a version other than SL2.

Would it be possible to create separate forums for the different versions of SL that are being used?

If that's not possible, it would be very helpful, IMHO, if folks referenced which version of SL they are talking about in the Subject Line of their posts.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Les, 

I can totally empathize with this one - as I open a lot of files! 😉

We purposely haven't segregated the individual products and their versions within the forums. Often if an issue occurred in Storyline 1 and it's still present in Storyline 2, it's good to have that previous history and the troubleshooting steps to try and resolve it. If you were only searching based on version it would limit that pool even further. 

We have looked at a way to tag a particular post or discussion based on version, so that it'd be a bit clear what individuals were sharing as they shared it - so we'll keep you posted on any changes to the E-Learning Heroes community! In the meantime, I hope everyone takes your idea to heart! It would help out my team too!