What web hosting companies support storyline?

Aug 27, 2012

I have an older web hoster that doesn't seem to understand the HTML 5 published Storyline output folder when I upload it to the site, and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a web hosting co. that does?

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Gabe Anderson

Hi Jesse-

The web host you're using shouldn't matter. It's more about the browser and/or device you're using to view the content since HTML5 is rendered client-side and not by the server.

Could you please tell us more about the browser or device you're using to test the content? Better yet, do you have a link you can share to your story.html file? (It's always a good idea to point to that since that file will then serve the best version of the content for the user, depending on the device.)

Jesse Spinella

I'm using IE9 on a win 7 machine and using Netopia, whose company has been getting a bit outdated as of late, but, I wasn't sure if that mattered. They're an old school GUI template style web building where you can just set templates to your site and have forms and such created by building template pages. http://ebiz.netopia.com is the site.

I've gained a lot of coding knowledge since setting my hosting with them when I first started, so I'm not afraid of hand crafting my own website anymore, just had no idea how when I first started.

But, not sure how to get the HTML 5 output to show. When I try to upload files to their site through their version of an FTP, when I'm viewing the page all I get is the iframe link and not the actual player. I did make sure that I uploaded everything as it was within the output folder. Didn't change names of files, etc.

Gabe Anderson

Viewing Storyline HTML5 published content in IE9 is not supported. Check out our tech specs below for supported browsers:


Also, you'll want to make sure you're uploading your entire published output folder.

More info on publishing for HTML5 here:


Adrian Dean

Hi Jesse,

Storyline HTML5 output is supported in Chrome and Safari(might require Quicktime) as well as the mobile Safari found in iPads. The link Gabe posted gives you more details.

You can view Storyline HTML5 content in Firefox, but not everything will work.

With regards to your web host, how much storage do you have? Do you upload your whole published output folder?


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