Wheel of death

Nov 03, 2017

Hi all, 

I've got a lesson which includes a quiz, and the option to go back to redo the module. When they click on the 'do the quiz button, they are taken to the screen that has the first question, but the wheel of death just keeps on turning...  I've extracted the two slides from the story, and uploaded them here for review. I'm sure it's something to do with the first slide, as having deleted it from real story, the quiz question works fine.  I just can't understand why It's falling over with it in. Any help appreciated.



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Paul Williams

Ok, I've played some more, and deleting the triggers which change the state of the character Rhonda makes it all work fine. I don't get why those triggers would affect the flow though, I've never had this happen before, so I'm very confused...   :-s

I rebuilt the slide in the real story, and it's happening there too. Add a trigger to change the state of the character on hover, and wheel of death appears.....  


I'm using Storyline 360 by the way :-) 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for reaching out, Paul! I had a look at your file, and I saw the same thing you described. Strange thing is, I tried recreating the problem on a new slide, and I nothing I did made the spinning wheel appear.

I see you also opened a case, and you're working through this with my colleague Wilbert. I'll follow along there because I'm really interested to find out what's causing this!

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