When a certain picture becomes visible, the timeline is restarted

I have a Help slide with several layers.  The user hovers over each shape on the slide, which triggers the corresponding layer to be shown, with accompanying audio description.  When the user's mouse leaves the shape, that layer's timeline and audio ends.  It works fine 90% of the time.  

On 2 layers, I'm running into trouble with pictures I have added.  The pictures are supposed to become visible a few seconds into the layer's timeline.  For some reason, they are restarting the layer timeline instead! I cannot figure out why.  They are two different pictures entirely, on 2 different layers.  I was able to solve it on one layer by duplicating an existing, functioning picture on that layer and using 'Change Picture' to switch to the correct file.  On the other problem layer, there are no other pictures.  Repasting and re-inserting the file has not helped.  Restarting Storyline has not helped.  Publishing the file and using that instead of Preview has not helped. It's a very, very weird problem!  There are no triggers on these layers.  They work fine up to the point the pictures are supposed to appear. Anyone have any ideas?

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Rebecca! I hope you had a great weekend :)

Sorry about the trouble with uploading the file! Can you tell me what size the file is? Wondering if that may be the issue.

If you haven't already, can you try cutting down the file by inserting the problem slides into a new file? Maybe that'll help with the upload issues.

If not, you're always welcome to use our support form to share the file with us. 


Rebecca Shamblin

Hmm, that's not working either!  I don't know why the file is so huge with only one slide (7 layers, but still).  90MB seems big, and Articulate doesn't seem to want to accept the file.  Is there a way to compress it?  It used to have many more slides, but I deleted them to make the file smaller (unsuccessfully!).

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rebecca,

Hmm. My main concern is that the file is so large with only one slide. I wonder if removing the other content cause an issue and maybe the size isn't updating?

Can you try creating a new, blank Storyline file and importing the slide into the new file? Is the file size smaller after doing so? I'm starting to wonder if the entire problem lies with the file being corrupted.

Importing from Another Storyline Project

90MB is definitely extreme, and I don't believe either method will support that size - but from what you're describing the file shouldn't be that large!

Thanks Rebecca!