When Connection to the LMS Is Lost . . .

I need a memory jog. (Now there's a opening for you.    ).

I think during the beta we talked about what to do when the connection to the LMS was lost and you wanted the Storyline content to inform the learner (and maybe suggest they log off).

Am I remembering that right?  And, if so, does anyone recall what was suggested to do with Storyline?


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Gerry Wasiluk

Yes, that's it!  Thank you, Pete!

A couple of follow-on questions . . .

1)  The message that comes up for the learner when the connection is lost is set here in the output's LMS.JS file, correct?

(If it is, I'm thinking the current message is not as learner-friendly as it might be, so I'd be tempted to change it a bit.)

2.) In the same LMS.JS file, just below this function, is the keepalive function, right?

This pings the LMS with the current learner status and bookmark every 10 minutes, right?  And if we wanted to change that interval, we'd changed the milliseconds value in the function (default = 600000 or 10 minutes), right?

3.  All this works for both AICC and SCORM, correct?

Again, THANKS!!!

Dave Mozealous

Hi Gerry,

1. Yeah, that is the message that is posted.  Admittedly it could be a bit more user friendly.  I'll see if we can get it changed in the future.

2. Should be yes.  But we don't support modifying these files as a heads up, so feel free to do so at your own risk.

3. Well, technically it should fire that prompt if the LMS returns an error when we try to save the data regardless of LMS type.  But I have less confidence that LMS vendors will actually return an error for AICC if it can't save the data than SCORM vendors.


Gerry Wasiluk

Hey Dave!  

Just tested with both AICC and SCORM 1.2 in Saba and so far I'm getting nothing.  Don't see any warning message appearing yet for the learner?

Maybe I set things up wrong.  I was using VPN to get in my former company's network and the Test Saba LMS, and to then set up the course and then launch it.  Then halfway through the course, I dropped the VPN connection.  Or is that not the best way to do this test?

I also changed the LMS PING to every 1 minute instead of every 10 minutes.

What is supposed to happen--does a pop-message appear when an option to retry or quit?  Does another slide appear with this or what?


Dave Mozealous

Hey Gerry,

Well, the feature relies on the LMS correctly sending back a status saying it couldn't be saved.  I'm guessing with SCORM 1.2 the LMS isn't doing that when the connection is dropped.  You might want to try this:

1. Getting to the last slide before the results slide

2. Disconnect the VPN

3. Submit the question

We will call LMSCommit on hitting the results slide, and that is where we check for the error, because that is when we try to save the data.

The message should be a JS prompt.