When do results get sent to LMS

I have a course that has two custom interaction slides and one quiz slide, and the three interactions are being sent to the results page of the course. The course is set so that the results page is the trigger for a passed/incomplete result to the LMS.

One of my course testers has noticed that you can't go back and do the custom interactions again after you've done the 3 interactions and seen the results page. Is it possible to set the course so that a learner can revisit any of the three interactions and submit them more than once (thus getting a different overall course result - if they do better), or are they only allowed to submit them once? All three interactions are set so that they will be refreshed when the learner returns to them so I'm not sure why they are locked upon revisiting.

It's a bit hard to explain, hopefully I'm making sense. :-) Thanks!

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Matthew Bibby

This is due to the way your LMS handles things.

It tries to prevent people from accidentally undoing a completed course when they are reviewing it. For example:

  • You go through a course and complete it. It get's marked as complete/passed in the LMS.
  • Later, you need to go back to the course to double check something... you randomly click some stuff to get to the slide you need to see.
  • Should the LMS then mark this as incomplete/failed? I think not.

Does that make sense?

Beth Cougler Blom

Yes, it makes sense when you put it that way. But what about the other way around...if they don't pass the interactions the first time? Right now they get three attempts for each interaction and then it saves their mark on the results page. What if they hit the results page and learn that they failed overall - they can't then retake interactions in the course and get a better mark. Am I missing something? It seems like the solution can't be just to make the interactions "unlimited" in terms of tries...from a learning design perspective it would be a better option to allow them to review parts of the course and then attempt the interactions again.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beth,

Could you look at adding a Retry option to your results slide? That would allow a user to retake the whole course and try to achieve a better score. It'll be up to your LMS to recognize that second score as the newest score - and some LMSs only will update if the newest score is higher.

Beth Cougler Blom

Thanks. I’ve added the Retry button but I still can’t get the interactions to open up for re-doing, no matter how I set them (reset to initial state, resume saved state, or automatically designed). Two are custom using pick 1 pick many, one is a multiple choice quiz.