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Brian Batt

Hi Simon,

It's on our list.  As always, no scheduled release date or estimation as to when we'll see it.

Regarding search results from other forums, I think that the indexing service runs every night (I could be wrong).  Being that we just launched the Storyline forum, it'll probably take a few days for the posts to show up.

Gerry Wasiluk

Simon, you have been very prophetic.

Threads roll out the first screen so fast lately it's bewildering some times.  Articulate, we need a more effective search here as soon as you can make it happen.  The success of Storyline and the increasing volume of posts is making things only worst.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update the forum's search functionality as soon as you can.    Yes, you have a lot going on now with the new Storyline and the new Studio in development so resources may be stretched thin but please find a way to get this addressed when possible.

Subscribing to threads is helpful but I get enough e-mail already, most of it from here.  And many of us don't want to create all own archives.

I gotta believe you folks may just as frustrated sometimes as us, maybe even more so.

Also, in the search results, it'd be helpful if we knew what forum they were in.  What we have now with no forum identified for search results just doesn't do it.

I actually miss the old forums because of all that.

And, as I've become a broken record on, an advanced search like the old forums had (  http://www.articulate.com/forums/search.php  ) is desperately needed.  The simple search here is sometimes too simple.  And having folks manually type in parameters is extremely "un-user-friendly."

You have world-class software; world-class service, support and resources; and, especially, world-class people (including this community) making it all happen.  But the search is anything but world class.  In fact, forgive me, it's the exact opposite.

Please help . . .  

P.S.  Is there a way we can help to make it happen?  (Other than being patient.)

Bruce Graham

...and as if my magic

The forums have gone manic.

My fear is that posts get seen less because they dissappear to p3/4 within a day or so now, and people can't/(won't?) Search, so they re-type, and whilst we know the subject has been posted before we cannot answer because we can't find it because there's no Search.


Also...it MIGHT, (possibly), as SL is so big...be worth having some basic sub-sections?

For starters may I suggest:

  • LMS questions
  • iPad and mobile
  • Navigation
  • Instructional Design and Methodology
  • "Guns for Hire".

"The Community" is always being used/sold as a MAJOR benefit of Articulate, PLEASE try and do something to help it stay that way.

"Ruining the ship for a ha'pworth of tar" springs to mind.


Kevin Thorn

SImon, great question to kick off a conversation that's been on and off over the past year.

There's no point in hashing over what this forum can't do in terms of search, nor remember the glory days of what the old forum did. There's not much value in that discussion for new members here. We all know this forum's platform is not the best compared to other forum experiences we've all had at some point.

For the record, I don't know how the Articulate team does what they do. An amazing about of energy and effort in the past couple years building the best and strongest community that could stand up against ANY community anywhere.  Maintaining that community, designing & developing a new authoring tool, and building an upgrade for an existing tool is probably just a fraction of what's really going on under the hood. My guess is there's an equal amount of energy happening right now for what comes next.

And...a better forum platform is more than likely on that list.

Not much we can do but what Gerry mentioned, "be patient."

Until then, perhaps Bruce's suggestions can be implemented here by introducing sub-topics so it helps us help those who's questions get pushed to the back pages easier. 

Gerry Wasiluk

Hey, Kevin, I strongly agree with most of what you say. 

I happen to differ strongly on "bringing up the past."   IMVHO, that is fair game when done right.  As in "everything new is not necessarily better but what did we do before that worked so we can learn from that and then what can we add new things to make things better."

It's not living in the past--it's taking what worked and learning from it, while still being open to the new, to bring solutions that work.

Simon Perkins

+1 for advanced search

+1 for sub-forums

As you guys have noted above, posts are disappearing fast.  And rather like the "Google Top 10 on Page One", some people aren't going to delve too far beyond.

We really do need better organisation here.  The scope of SL is sooooo huge it demands better searching and sub-forums.  

Phil Mayor

I do lament the lack of an accurate search across these forums.  Often I have searched for stuff and never found it. However Google does a very good job of indexing this forums and the old forums.

It really doesnt matter how good the search function is though.  It is only human nature to see your problem as the most important, and for that reason post a question.

What would help if we had moderators who could combine posts, and that we could look for only unanswered questions.

I would love the ability to reply to an email from the forum and that is added to the relevant post.