When does a slide is considered Viewed in Articulate Storyline1.6?

Hi, my team uses Articulate Storyline1.6 and we upload our content to Success Factors LMS, but we have an issue with Tracking our modules without quiz.

In learning modules without quiz, the Success Factors LMS doesn't track the minimum number of slides, so it does not move the learning module from a user's Learning list to the Completed list.

We've used all relative information and settings that are mentioned in the Articulate Support forum but the problem still exists.

When does a slide is reported as Viewed for an LMS?

a. When its timeline starts?

b.  When its timeline ends? or

c. When the user clicks Next? 

Thank you for your contribution.

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Andreas Aposto

Thank you guys for your responses.

@Ashley: Yes I've tried this technique and it is working fine, but I want to find the cause "Why" Success Factors LMS "behaves" like this. 

I've also tried typing the LMS Lesson SCORM Information fields "Title" & "Identifier" with spaces and without spaces (I used underscores instead).

After publishing, I've checked the "imsmanifest" file for both cases (with spaces & without spaces) and I realized that the identifier text in both cases was always with no spaces. This is normal, as Storyline converts it automatically even though the developer hasn't used underscores in order to communicate via SCORM with all LMSs in the market. Is there something else regarding publishing in SCORM 1.2 that I should try? 

For your information, we are publishing in SCORM 1.2 and we use Internet Explorer Version 9 with latest Java update to view the content.

I am wondering if there are any issues regarding the browser. Are there any other thoughts for me to explore?   

Thank you.