When does the LMS Export get a new automatic ID?

Hi all,

I will be preparin a new quiz in the same design used before. As in Powerpoint, I would save it with a new name and delete quiz-content out from the question bank and add new questions. BUT: Do I have to give the LMS export a new ID (Identifier) by myself? Is there any way to force Storyline to give a new one?

Also: The Reports to the LMS are not so clear to me:

Passed/Incomplete; Passed/Failed; Completed/Incomplete; Completed/Failed

First ans last option are the same for me...


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Christian -- Thanks for reaching out here! If I am understanding your question correctly, you may want to take a look at this discussion related to the course identifier.

And also, for a further explanation of the various Passed/Complete, etc. options, you may find the explanation offered by Brian Allen (one of the Heroes here in the community) to be helpful. Referring to the SumTotal LMS, Brian shared the following over here in this similar post:

Here are the LMS reporting options we mostly use when publishing from Articulate for SumTotal LMS, and the scenarios for which we use them -

  1. Completed/Incomplete: We use this for any unscored content where we are tracking completion based on slide views. If the minimum number of slides are viewed, then the user is marked as completed. If not they are left in progress.
  2. Passed/Incomplete: We use this for scored content where we want the user to be left in progress if they do not achieve the minimum passing score. If the user achieves the minimum passing score they are marked as completed/passed with score, if not they remain in progress and no score is passed to SumTotal, allowing them to try again.
  3. Passed/Failed: We use this on a limited basis, primarily for things like compliance or certification activities where we want to record a failed status. If the user achieves the minimum passing score they are marked as completed/passed with score, if not they are marked as completed/failed with score. This is especially useful if you want to limit number of attempts through a learning activity for the purpose of assigning remedial training, etc., in the event of someone failing.

My guess is that these reporting options will function fairly similarly for any LMS.

Hope that helps!