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Ken Teutsch

Sorry, I wasn't clear:  I'm not using Youtube.  I am using an embed code from a video hosting system at our university, and I have inserted it as "video from website."

I was trying to figure out some way to get the same effect as the trigger for when (inserted) media stops playing, so that the slide can advance automatically at the end of the video.  

The way I have the video embedded now, I can't figure any way to do that other than "when timeline ends," but that doesn't seem reliable since the video playback may not be smooth.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah, thanks Ken - sorry if I misunderstand. I don't know a lot about changing the embed code as you mentioned, so I'd defer to the community on that. 

When timeline ends, I think will be your best option - although as you mentioned loading times may be an issue. Could you do a few tests from the hosting platform and the internet service most people will be accessing it through to see how it performs? Add some extra time to the end of the timeline?