When I publish, my navigation comes out broken.

I have a story with fairly complex navigation. Just before I publish, I preview the file to make certain that the navigation is working properly. When it passes, I publish. Several times I have published a file that I have tested in preview that then does not work when published.

Specifically, the navigation buttons stop working after publishing – amongst issued like inserted sound files not being saved, etc. If this were to occur before I published, I would guess that the triggers and/or variables used to create the navigation are improperly set and I would repair them before I published. Unfortunately this occurs after I have tested and saved the file and then only after I have published it.

I actually solved this issue by uninstalling and re-installing Storyline and then rebuilding the navigation in a new file. But, I cannot trace why it would occur in the first place.

The following are the facts about the original file:

·         It was imported from a very large PPT and pared down to a useable size.

·         However, it is still huge - the story file is 131MB on disk.

·         The file and Storyline have performed horribly slowly since the files creation

·         I have suffered crashes due to lack of memory. My computer is 2.0 Ghz I7 w/256gb SSD and 8GB of ram, (never had performance issued)

·         I have had the "this file can’t be saved..." error multiple times daily.

On the surface it appears that I am just pushing Storyline too hard… but I read all the time about folks working with larger files.

Any ideas?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Michael, 

Sorry for the trouble you've been experiencing, first off. And if you haven't had a chance to already, I'd strongly encourage you to go ahead and get this issue opened with our support team. It's always important for us to gather as much information about these kinds of issues as we can so we can get them resolved as soon as possible. Thanks a ton for your help.