When I use variable true/false dont let me change to true

Hello, excuse me for the bad english.

I have to disable the built-in Next button until certain conditions have been met. this is the example that i used https://player.vimeo.com/video/145578730. But when I add a trigger for adjust a variable dont let me put the variable of true, always show the varible false. I explain better, when I clic on true and then clic on acept the condicition change to false for itself.
Why is that? please help me.

Again, excuse me for the english :P.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Andrea

I added in a trigger to disable the Next button when timeline starts.

Then another trigger to change state of next button to Normal when state of the 3 buttons are visited.

 I coloured the visited states of the button to red so I can tell when they trigger to visited state and added in a next slide so I could see that it goes to next slide but only after all 3 buttons are visited.  Is that what you mean?