When is a new Upgrade for Storyline coming?

Hello everyone,

I've been using Storyline for  over 1 year, and I have not heard about any upgrade, but I have pointed out needed features and bugs and things that they said would be in the next release.

I'm trying to get my new company to convert from Lectora to Storyline, but they are wanting to wait to see if a next release to the first release of Storyline will come out.  They are able to keep with Lectora for 3 years, but I want them to switch as soon as possible for many reasons.  So I can use Storyline more often than my 5 Projects so far.

Thanks for any answers,  Storyline will come out with a new version someday, right?


Kyle G. Main

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Kyle Main

Update is different then upgrade, right?  Since updates fix errors that should have not been an issue in the first place?

When will there be a new upgrade version?  There is a Platinum membership that saves on costs of Upgrades like Studio just went from 09 to 13 recently.

Will Storyline go to Storyline 2?

Kyle G. Main 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kyle,

The updates are included as a part of your Storyline license, as you inferred because they fix issues or bugs that have been reported. You'll be prompted to activate any with your serial number when you install the update. Upgrades, new versions or new releases are a different scenario, and I don't have a time frame on when a new version of Storyline will be released.