When is Articulate 360 HTML5 output going to be fully responsive

I am fully aware that the "player" is responsive, but I want the entire course to be fully responsive, that is the whole point of HTML5 to be cross platform responsive output.

Rise, does not give me the interactions and features I want in my course, it's actually not the best for interactions at all.

When I view my course on mobile, it's tiny and impossible to read.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Mischelle!

You're correct, the player is fully responsive using both the Modern and Classic Player! 

I'm not sure what you're seeing on your end. When viewing courses on multiple devices, it's common for the course to be displayed different. These dimensions are based on the size of the device as well as mobile browser settings. Would you mind clarifying what you're seeing on your end?

Here are the supported HTML Gestures for tablets and smartphones.