When is Storyline releasing a new update?

Hi all,

Just wondering if there will be a new Storyline 2 update release coming up soon? According to the release notes - (Update 7—Build 1509.1408) was the latest release back in September 15, 2015, which was about 4 months ago.


It will be really helpful for us to know as we are in the process of updating a whole suite of courses and we wish to do it preferably after the new update is released.

Thanks and appreciate your kind assistance.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out here in regards to our next updates or versions. We don't share product timelines or release dates, so unfortunately I don't have any information to share. If there is a specific question or issue I'd invite you to connect with our Success team and they may be able to assist you in answering those type of questions.