'When Media completes' trigger doesn't seem to work

Aug 07, 2017

Hello, I'm working on an interactive animation using state changes. 

It's supposed to be that state changes initiate media to start -- this works just fine.

And then it changes state again when the media completes -- this doesn't work fine at all.

It seems that that state change  occurs as soon as the media STARTS playing, not when it completes.

This is a problem because I have conditional statements that are supposed to prevent the user from playing multiple audio files at the same time based on what state they are in. I.E. State "Selected" will play the media. "When media completes" change the object to "Visited". The other objects cannot play unless Object 1 is in state visited.

HOWEVER, (and I have tried this using layers as well) no matter what triggers I use, nothing will prevent multiple media files from playing at the same time DESPITE using the 'when media completes' tag

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