When Publish where the collected files go?


I have a course and in one screen of this course there is a button that when clicked it downloads a PDF.

Now, I have try it locally in my computer and it works well in my computer but when I export my course and when I check in the colleted files folder I cannot see the PDF file.

So do I have to place manually the PDF in the published folder and Will it work when I place my course in the LMS?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi David! I'm not sure who the expert is that you're waiting on, but I thought that I would try to help you.  This thread has a lot of good information. To answer your question though, yes, you need to manually be sure that the pdf is in your output folder where your story.html file resides (it should automatically be done and placed in the story_content folder, but I would check).  I hope this helps! Be sure to test your content in the intended environment as shown in this article.  Have a great day!