When publishing a Storyline module to video, it ignores the triggers "pause and play media"

Good morning,


I created a new Storyline module, existing of multiple slides. The screen recording of every slide was inserted as a "video on a single slide" and the option "show mouse cursor" was not active. In some slides I used the trigger "pause media" and "play media" when the timeline reaches X seconds.


With a preview, it looks nice and it is playing correct.


When publishing it into a video, and I play it with VLC or Windows Media Player, the video is playing wrong and is not handling correct the "pause and play" triggers for the video. All arrows, rectangles and pictures are shown correct, but the video not.


Is this a known issue or do I have to change some settings?


I tried another second module and had the same issue. I save my modules on the desktop when I create them. My computer has Windows 10 Enterprise.


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Davy,

Thank you for reaching out! 

A couple of questions for you to help determine what the best next steps are: 

  • After publishing the course to video, does it follow the triggers you have in place?
  • After the video reaches a pause trigger, does it appear that the video has restarted? 

I look forward to hearing more so we can get to the bottom of this!