When replacing a video the name of the video doesn't update. BUG.

Hi everyone,

When replacing a video the name of the video doesn't update. Eg, 

  • Video file named Introduction-animation_0.1
  • Replace this file with video named Intro_0.1; file name still remains Introduction-animation_0.1
  • This happens whether I reimport video using Media Library, right-click video in timeline and choose replace, or even delete video A and insert video B as a brand new video. The filename still remains Introduction-animation_0.1.

Research suggests this is a known bug. Is this true, and if so can Articulate give us a date when this will be fixed?

UPDATE: You can manually rename each video in the Media Library view. However, this naming adjustment should happen automatically. I use a lot of video in modules and manually renaming them is a bad workflow. Question still stands; can this be fixed, so that video names update automatically?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Daniel!

Thank you for listing out these steps!

I've tried to recreate this on my end, but I do not see the same. The filename does change whenever I replace the video. Here's a quick video.

I am using Storyline 360 (Build 3.48.24116.0). Which version are you using? Also, would you mind providing a brief screen recording of the snag on your end so that we can see the bug in action?