When resume a course, status become "failed"

I created course(include some slides and quizzes) in Stroyline2 with SCORM1.2.
When I resume the course, status turned "Failed" either reached the quiz slide or not.
It is happening on two LMS, one is our LMS(for verification) and also in our customers LMS.

In our customers LMS, learner cannot change the status anymore, once status are marked "Failed" or "Passed".
Does anyone know how to avoid this problem?

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Keigo Ryuno

Thank you. I tried in SCORM Cloud.

Completion and Success are working good, but Score is changed to "0.00", although I didn't try quiz yet. Same thing happening in our two LMSs. 

I would like to stop sending Completion and Success status also Score to LMS, when I just leave the courses.

I attach the course file and storyline file.

Christoph Krieger

The behaviour is intended as it is, but if you need a different way, you have to code a bit.

Open story.html and got to row 129 and delete onunload="DoOnClose()" onbeforeunload="DoOnClose()"

So the score and completion settings are only changed on the review slide.

Give it a try if it is the way it should work for you.

Keigo Ryuno

I checked the log of the LMSs and got response from one LMS vender.
Just a few seconds after reopening the course, following status were sent to the LMSs.


However, "lesson_status" such as "Incomplete" were not sent.
Not only is the timing of reopening but also timing of leaving the course.
I hope it is better to send "lesson_status" or
stop sending LMSSetValue when resumed.

In these LMSs, if they wasn't received "lesson_status" and was received "score" like above, automatically decide the "lesson_status" to "failed" or "passed".

Christie Pollick

Hi, Keigo -- Thanks for your question! As Christoph inquired, would it be possible for you to share the name of the LMS provider you are utilizing? There may be others in the community who are able to share some insights if they use the same service.

And JavaScript is not something for which we can provide support, however, I did want to stop in and share this document on JavaScript Best Practices and Examples.