When returning to a layer with a video, it doesnt play from the start even with "reset to inital state" selected


I have videos on different layers on a package. the user watches the video and when it completes, it automatically jumps to the next layer and the next video. i want the video to go back to the start again when the user returns to this layer. i have set the slide properties to "resetto initial state". it does this the first time when the user comes backs to this layer, but if i play the video again, jump to the next layer and then return, the video does not play the second time and i cant play it manually.

any ideas?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Colin!

Thank you for sharing the file. I was able to see that the video for "part 2" did work as expected. Part 1,3,4 did not resume. I removed those files and added in a different video to test, and they all worked as expected.

Could you try to delete and then re insert the videos for 1,3,4 and see if this helps?

Emily Ruby

Hi Dominic!

I popped in to check on Colin's case. Below is the response from support, but no further response from user:

The videos on layers are suppose to replay if you have set the When Revisiting: Reset to initial state, and when using the Show layer trigger. I did a test using my own .mp4 videos and was able to confirm it's playback.

The issue that you encountered may have to do with the encoding of the video you are using in the slides/layers. I suggest that you try re-converting your videos to MP4 format using another conversion tool, such as HandBrake (http://handbrake.fr/), which is a free tool. Here is a video screencast on how to use HandBrake to convert videos to be used with Articulate software:


Once you have re converted your videos, I suggest that you test it first by adding it on a layer in a new project file. See if you can replicate the same issue. If it's working try to delete the old video in your project and replace it with the re-converted videos.

Dominic Calderon

Thank you for the response! My video was already an MP4, unfortunately and even reconverting using handbrake could not get it to replay using reset to initial state. I think the problem must be it  that it is trimmed using the built in Articulate "Video Edit" function. Not sure. I'll continue to play around with it and if anything else works I'll post back here for anyone else who encounters this problem