When revisiting a Data Entry box can the text be deselected by default?

Hello everyone, I have created a note taking facility in my course to which the learner can visit and add notes as much as they want.  The issue is that by default when users click into a data entry field which already has text entered into it the text is selected by default.  This can cause errors in that previous notes can be deleted in error.  I have worked around the error bit by creating variables to restore the overwritten or deleted entries.  But it would be so much simpler if the existing entries were not selected by default.  Can we change this default setting and if so how?


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Nancy Woinoski

I don't think there is a way to deselect the text. You might want to consider changing the way you have implemented the note taking feature.

James Kinsley has come up with a really nice way to append text which completely solves the problem you are having. It involves using a some JavaScript and making some modifications to some of the files in the published output but it is really easy to implement.

Here is a link to  James Kinsley's blog post on how to do it.


david mckisick

Yes, you are correct Nancy, and that is what I did do. When I then try to play the local publish (with updated user.js) in IE, it fails. If I upload the published file (with updated user.js) to Articulate Tempshare and then run it in IE, it works. I think an important caveat to note with this hack is that it entirely depends on your local browser security settings and local security policies put in place by your Corporate IT folks. My work environment apparently prevents local js from executing hidden iframes in IE.