When revisiting quiz not successfully completed, question selection not open for input

Jul 30, 2019


I have slides in this sequence:

  • video
  • quiz intro screen
  • quiz question
  • quiz result

When the quiz is answered incorrectly, the quiz result slide gives the option to 'retry quiz', in which case I navigate it back to the quiz question.  In this case no previous answers are displayed, and all options are open for selection.

This is as expected.

However, I've added another option to the quiz result slide to 'watch video again'.  In this case I navigate back to the first slide (video).  When the video (media) completes, I let it jump to the 'quiz question'.

This is where I run into trouble.

The question slide does not allow any input; instead it displays the previously (incorrect) selection.

Would I need to do a test to say at the beginning of the quiz question slide:

  • If the quiz has never been successfully been completed, reset the quiz, so that it does not show any previous selection, and is completely open for input?

Or is there another way?

Many thanks

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bennie,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your project.

Question: Is there a chance that the user will watch the video, but not re-take the quiz?

  • If so: I'd navigate back to the result slide for the user to then select the button to retry the quiz.
  • If not: I'd add an additional trigger on the button that jumps back to the video to reset the results prior to jumping to the slide (similar to what you probably now see on the retry button).

Let me know how that works for you.

Bennie Naude

Thank you Leslie,

The way it works now is, if they'd already completed the question successfully, the get taken to the result page, where they get the option to review the quiz.

The problem I'm having is when they watch the video again after being UNsuccessful in the quiz.  

I reckon I'll go with your second suggestion.

Thank you, much appreciated.

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