When revisiting: Resume saved state

When I use this setting, it works great when I don't want to go through the whole slide again when I come back to it - I just want to finish where I left off.

But - once the slide finishes and I try to restart the slide using the Seekbar icon, the slide will NOT re-start.

Is this a problem or is this the way it's supposed to work? Is there a way to override that setting and force the slide to re-play?



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Daniel Brigham


I built a quick one slide sample, and was able to get the slide to re-start by scrubbing back to the beginning via seekbar. The state change on the button held as I restarted. If you take a look at the attached file, it may help me better understand your situation. Any way you could post the slide in question?

Ejuana Mitchell

I see that your example works - the state of the button stays green. 

Actually, I was referring to the slide itself - the effect on the slide as a whole - not the effect on a object with states.

a) When Revisit is set to reset to initial state - the slide restarts when I return to it.

b) When Revisit is set to resume saved state - the slide starts at the point it ended when I return to it - it does not start at the beginning.

 My question is - when resume saved state is set for the slide, and it plays until the end of its timeline, when you return

to that slide and try to restart it using the Seekbar replay icon- that does not work

As you mentioned, you need to click on the beginning of the Seekbar to make the slide start again from the beginning - is that

the way it should work - needing to click on the beginning of the Seekbar to make the slide restart?