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Emily Ruby

Hello Gil!

As Wendy stated, the restricted button in SL2 has changed to restrict from the timeline as well as the menu.

This should not affect being able to use the review quiz function. Is the the review button not working in the Results slide? Or are users just not able to click through the review until the timeline for each question ends?

If the review button is not working, you may want to try and import the file into a new file and see if this resolves the issue. Also please make sure you are working locally as described here. I tested a file and the review button did work even before the timeline ended on the results slide.

If you are referring to the slides not advancing in the review mode, you could set the quiz slides to have a 1-2 second timeline so they can advance quicker in the review.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Gil

as  Emily mentioned above — reduce the timeline on each of the quiz slides to 1 sec. Because the option is 'advance by user' it doesn't matter how short the timeline is SL will wait for the user to make a selection and click submit.  So it works in your favour to have a short timeline on  the quiz questions so that when in review, they can see the feedback and click next to progress.  I have updated your story file to show you...let me know if this was the issue.